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What started as a ‘weird’ idea by one of the founders already 20 years ago, but lacked today’s NGS and computing capabilities, has been developed into a fully validated and rapid method to determine the epitopes of antibodies in the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI) in the city of Leipzig, Germany. This place is not only known for composers like Bach, Wagner, Schumann or Mendelssohn, it is also the place where immunology has had a home already at the time when the very first antisera for diphtheria were tested.

EPITOPIC GmbH started on the basis of results from 4 years of collaboration between PolyQuant GmbH in Bad Abbach and the Fraunhofer IZI in Leipzig, Germany. EPITOPIC and IZI have cross licensed the resulting essential technologies. Even COVID-19 could not hinder us from moving from Fraunhofer to new facilities in the BIO CITY, Leipzig.

Fraunhofer IZI

Fraunhofer IZI

The new technology allows rapid in-depth analyses of antibody epitopes, identifying linear as well as structural epitopes. Obtained data allow an unmatched insight into the binding details, explaining specificity a well as cross reactivity. (see Technologies)

In collaboration with the Fraunhofer IZI new emerging applications include the immunome characterization of allergy patients, vaccine responses or anti-drug antibodies. Therefore, the exploitation of the broad application range of our technologies has just begun. New business areas regarding immunome characterization will be added to EPITOPIC’s portfolio soon.

Header – highlighted epitope sequence (S)IYTSDnyxeE of anti-mouse CD184 antibody/CXCR4 (BD Pharmingen, Nr. 551966) in CD184 structure

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