Epitopic fingerprinting Services

Epitopic Fingerprinting Services

Although there is a huge advantage in information gathered for a single epitope, EPITOPIC’s fingerprinting approach can be faster than the synthesis of peptides for detailed standard epitope mapping.

Submit your antibody of interest. Supply us with all required information and receive a report about epitope and fingerprint of the antibody within a few weeks (see example reports). Additional studies like the characterisation with synthesized peptides are possible. Based on your request you will receive a complete offer from us.

  • Dare to know the true value of your antibody
  • Skip time consuming chemical peptide synthesis

Fingerprinting examples


Anti-Mucin-1 antibody


Anti-Actin antibody


Anti-cmyc antibody


Anti-alpha-Synuclein antibody

Please contact us for more information.

Header – highlighted epitope sequence (S)IYTSDnyxeE of anti-mouse CD184 antibody/CXCR4 (BD Pharmingen, Nr. 551966) in CD184 structure

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