April 2021 EPITOPIC participates in a Danish/German consortium to develop a novel type of vaccines against bacterial infections. “This is the first time we are broadly applying our recently optimized software for the mapping of antibodies in vaccine sera”, says Marcus Puder, who has developed the new tools at epitopic. “We could support academia in the discovery of corona virus epitopes, but this will now enable our partners to discover and understand the epitopes relevant for an efficient and protective immune response against urinary tract infections!”

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July 2020 For COVID-19 epitope mapping applying the EPITOPIC software Fraunhofer receives a grant by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). This is one of those grants given specially to research focussed on aspects of the pandemic.
June 2020 New hardware allows to carry out the in silico analyses at a very much increased speed. The new setup enables one epitope per 2-4 hours instead of 2 days.
March 2020 EPITOPIC moves to BIO CITY Leipzig.
March 2020 Due to an unexpected shut down of the Fraunhofer Institute, caused by the corona pandemic, the operations of EPITOPIC came down to a minimum.
February 2020 With support by EPITOPIC a Fraunhofer research group generates epitope fingerprints of Dupilumab and anti-drug antibodies of an allergy patient from Leipzig’s University Hospital in less than three weeks. (see publications)
January 2020 2019 had an unexpected record number of projects: CEO Michael Szardenings can announce that the overall capacity utilization in 2019 was close to 90%. EPITOPIC reacts by expanding resources in particular the IT sector to serve all customers in the shortest possible time.
September 3rd 2019 US-Patent on in-licensed Phage Library granted: The library design that is the one of the three essential keys to epitope fingerprinting with statistical peptide phage display has now also received protection in the US.


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January 20-24, 2020 Peptalk, San Diego, CA High precision fingerprinting of antibody epitopes
Due to the ongoing pandemic we are presently only participating in online events. These unfortunately turn the possibility of face to face meetings into screen to screen meetings if these happen at all. We are glad to provide you with presentations, web conferences, skype, presentations on site and more…

Header – anti-human c-myc antibody (BD Pharmingen, 551102) in complex with its highlighted epitope sequence L I/V SE

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