Project structure

Project Structure

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Epitope fingerprinting is a rapid service and can be tailored to meet our customer’s need.

Besides arranging confidentiality agreements and individual service contracts, if these are required, a typical project can be divided into the following stages:

Projekt Preparation: Set up of project plan and consulting on potential requirements for the antibodies as well as possible variants of selections to study epitopes under different conditions, e.g. pH or salt concentration.

Data Generation: After receiving the samples selection experiments are carried out and data sets of peptides are generated within one to four weeks. These must meet stringent quality criteria for further analysis. The customer is informed, if these are not met and how to improve for example the sample quality.

Data Analysis: Epitope fingerprinting based on statistical data from stable antibodies with well-defined epitopes is a matter of days. This will usually include additional analyses based on existing structures, specificity for variants (species) of antigens etc.

Report: A full report is delivered, and we are of course willing to help in understanding details and may also help with additional data analysis and interpretation.

There are standard prices for routine services with single antibodies, which will be dealt with immediately. In urgent cases we have determined epitope fingerprints in a few weeks. Most customers are interested in more than one antibody. Larger numbers of antibodies may take a little bit longer and discounted prices apply for such packages. This is also the case for long term agreements or when we can pool antibodies for more economic work schedules. PLEASE INQUIRE!

Header – highlighted epitope sequence (S)IYTSDnyxeE of anti-mouse CD184 antibody/CXCR4 (BD Pharmingen, Nr. 551966) in CD184 structure

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