Statistical Peptide Phage Display

Statistical Peptide Phage Display

Our libraries developed from precision DNA fragments have enabled us to generate a peptide phage display system with unmatched complexity. EPITOPIC’s libraries have a complexity beyond one billion (109) variants, which would be only matched by a comparable standard peptide library with more than hundred fold more clones. The main advantage is the statistical even distribution of all amino acids present in the library. In combination with NGS (next generation sequencing) we skip repeated selections and enable statistical analysis of data already from a single round of selection. By applying EPITOPIC’s proprietary sequence analysis on very large sets of selected phage display clones, we obtain comprehensive information about binding sequences. Using this information it is possible to select binding motifs directly instead of complex testing of individual clones or peptides.
  • Reliable data without repeated selections
  • Reduced error effects from Next Generation Sequencing
  • In depth analysis based on hundreds or thousands of motif variants

FLAG-M1 motif

The discontinuous epitope of anti-muCD184 stretches over several amino acid residues. Besides heavily enriched sequences carrying the YTSD-core-motif, we find even sequences without gaps sharing more than 7 amino acids identity with the antigen. Data based on 3190 sequences. Further information in the report in example reports.

Header – anti-human c-myc antibody (BD Pharmingen, 551102) in complex with its highlighted epitope sequence L I/V SE

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