EPITOPIC’s technologies are unique with respect to the abilities in determining epitopes from minimal quantities of antibodies and even multiple antibodies in parallel.

The technology is fast and economic, because it is the first epitope identification that starts with capturing binders from a proprietary library of 5×109 peptides and finishes in reliable multi-epitope studies in silico.

EPITOPIC’s epitope fingerprints based on up to hundreds of sequence variations per epitope can tell long stories about species specificity, binding capabilities, sensitivity to environmental conditions and more.

The naïve library comprises both constrained and linear peptides and with 16 amino acids length we frequently cover spatially adjacent motifs of structural epitopes.

EPITOPIC’s technologies and services help to speed up research and enable substantially new ways in product development. The insights gained with our technologies are adding significant value to many different products.

  • Rapid & reliable epitope identification
  • Identify important amino acids
  • Position your antibody product against the competitor’s

Header – highlighted epitope sequence D(e/d)xPRAVF of anti-actin-antibody (BD Transduction Laboratories, Nr. 612656) in actin structure

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