The successful combination of high-end phage display technology with precise gene libraries allows the efficient generation and rapid screening of peptide libraries with extraordinary complexity. These phage libraries allow the accurate characterisation of antibody binding properties by epitope fingerprinting to a hence unmatched precision at amino acid resolution. Beyond the precise identification of the binding site the accepted modifications for antibody binding are identified. This is an essential tool inantibody validation, both for research reagents in clinical applications as well as for therapeutic antibodies with respect to QC and patentability. The exact knowledge of antibody epitopes is also important for understanding autoimmune diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis or rheumatic disease) or infectious diseases and for the development of vaccines as well as for validation and application of antibodies as research tools.

EPITOPIC’s technologies and services help to speed up research and enable substantially new ways in product development. The insights gained with our technologies are adding significant value to many different products.

  • Rapid & reliable epitope identification
  • Characterize even minor bindingdetails
  • Position your antibody product against the competitor’s

Header – highlighted epitope sequence D(e/d)xPRAVF of anti-actin-antibody (BD Transduction Laboratories, Nr. 612656) in actin structure

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