Emerging applications

Emerging Applications

In research projects several applications for epitope fingerprinting have been successfully tested and partially published. Since the sensitivity of the approach is high and the number of antibody molecules required for a successful epitope fingerprinting is low, even very diluted polyclonal antibody solutions can be mapped.

Therefore, epitopic is now offering routine services in antibody fingerprinting for

  • Vaccine development
  • Stratification of patient antibodies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • …and many other applications

In the past we have been sometimes surprised by project ideas requested by new and old customers. Although we are presently focussing on the epitope fingerprinting, we are keen to develop novel ideas for applications of our advanced library technology. Therefore, we welcome new and weird suggestions, just like the entire technology seemed to be a ‘mission impossible’ about 20 years ago.

Header – highlighted epitope sequence (S)IYTSDnyxeE of anti-mouse CD184 antibody/CXCR4 (BD Pharmingen, Nr. 551966) in CD184 structure

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