Antibody Epitopes Alive…

Get a full picture of the antibody’s epitope by hundreds of enriched sequences instead of relying on the apparent affinity of single peptides

…worth more than a complete Ala-scan

EPITOPIC Antibody Epitope Fingerprinting

EPITOPIC’s unique technology allows understanding antigen recognition beyond the single amino acid resolution of epitopes. By identifying hundreds or thousands of epitope related sequences the information gathered comprises

  • Relevance of individual position in the epitope
  • Allowed amino acid substitutions
  • Structural requirements not accessible with standard peptide arrays
  • Potential structural epitopes
  • Information about multiple antibodies’ epitopes in a single sample (mapping sera)

Header – anti-human c-myc antibody (BD Pharmingen, 551102) in complex with its highlighted epitope sequence L(I/V)SE

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